2017. január 25.

Winter hike to YO/MC-006

Well I was out for a long time with no blogging. Of course I was rather active out on the summits but I somehow couldn't manage to find enough time to also blog about it. A lot of happened since then (and maybe sometime I will add some more posts about it), lot of activations, then my knee started to act wildly, then it got better, not again is acting up. So after a couple of months with no hiking I was out again to see how my knee handles it (bad news it still hurts a lot, so I recon some more resting).
Going with a couple of friends, set out on the winter route to Omu through the Mălăiești hut, starting from Glăjărie, with a good forest road allowing to get with a car quite high.
Here is the track for the on foot hiking:
Track to YO/MC-006
The track (blue stripe) goes up to the Mălăiești hut (that small square on the map) and from there a bigger climb through a steep and narrow couloir called the Chimneys of Mălăiești. Even though there can be big snow in these over 2000m regions, this is the preferred winter route, because being very narrow and steep it is less prone to snow buildup and avalanches, on the other hand loose rocks and boulders are frozen under the snow, which is anyway beaten hard almost stairlike by hikers.
Since my normal camera is broken for some time now (another reason for not really blogging lately) only a couple of pictures to show about me on summit:
On YO/MC-006 (the highest point is actually on that boulder behind the hut, but of course the whole plateau around it is withing the activation zone)

And another take on the summit with YO/MC-217 right behind me

and another really nice one caught on the way down which instantly popped into my mind as a nice
proof of summit prominence:
Sunset over YO/EC-247, with YO/EC-028 also popping out in the back
Overall a nice winter hike, 17km on foot, 1500m elevation, and back to the car before dark also on these short days.

PS: some photos taken by other colleagues on this hike can be seen at https://goo.gl/photos/U4xQmTPpsBbZ75JS7