2013. november 24.


Just a quick recap, while I'm stranded at home due to bad weather (right now, when otherwise would be the best opportunity to some DX, but this is my luck as usual), so last time I was out on YO/EC-331, one of the many summits in Romania, which don't have any trail whatsoever to the summit and I think maybe sharing the way to access it can prove valuable to others in the area of Poiana and the summit YO/EC-011 (Keresztényhavas) one of the easiest and most activated summit to this point.
YO/EC-331 is not far away from Poiana towards Rozsnyó, and although it is rather hidden from average tourist it still can offer a quick nail of 6 points to anyone nearby. To get to the summit (assuming you got to Poiana from Brassó, just continue on the 1E road to Rozsnyó (Râșnov) right at the entrance to Poiana. After some descent the road goes through a saddle with a large opening and a few lodging houses called Poiana Cristianului.
Here is a photo of the lodge:
Pensiunea Poiana Cristianului with YO/EC-311 in the background
and another photo from across the road (taken in the dark when I was returning)
Pensiunea Petrișor
Anyway the summit is right behind the Poiana Cristianului house, in the middle of the previous photo. As you can see it is covered with woods and as I told you earlier there is no trail up to the summit. There are some tracks hovever starting from the left of the lodge which takes right were the forest begins. Looking back from there on can snap a very nice view of the Keresztényhavas, YO/EC-011:
YO/EC-011 and the ski resort below
From that point there is only one way: straight through the forest up to the summit. The climb is rather steep albeit a short one, and fortunately almost no undergrowth so it is still an easy summit I would say. At the top is a smaller plateau, but not too much clearing, still it is enough for erecting an antenna (I had the vertical with me, but I think the trees would offer also a good support for a dipole as well):
Activating YO/EC-311
 Overall it is a nice easy summit with about 30-40 minutes of walking up and 10 minutes down :)

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