2013. október 13.

Double the stakes

For the second weekend, after the previous successful activation, another long aspired hill was on the list. Even better two summits, next to each other near the villages Bikfalva and Lisznyó. These summits are also right next to my way home, so always figured high on my list, and hardly could wait for the new ARM to kick in.
Let's start with YO/EC-386, Küszürűs-tető or Kövespont-tető, not exactly sure, above the village of Bikfalva, at the westernmost end of the Bodzafordulói mountain range. The trail start at the end of the village, next to the Mókus-panzió (also has a good parking space) with very clearly marked trail:
Trail markings
Initially the trail follows the red triangle, however later on a special marking for ruins in red also joins the trail. During the trail we touch some old ruins of watchout towers, here is the first one:
The ruins of Csigavár meaning "Snail Tower" received its name from the remains of what it seams a spiral staircase in the base of the tower. The red ruin marking at some point leaves the red triangle, but it's worth following it, as it shortcuts some road, and also goes right through the summit going towards other ruins on the other part of the hill. The red triangle avoids by left the summit so at some point has the left anyway.
The actual summit is just the very same forest with quite clean meadow, it is easy to find the geodetic stone:
Summit point
 and there is still enough space to rise the antenna:
Spot the antenna
Here's another clue (hope it's better)
Well after turning on the radio it was a real joy, I caught and extremely good propagation to western Europe, I hardly could face the pileup. Time flew like nothing, and I were nowhere near the end of the pileup. So when things started to calm down, I decided it was time to pack up, so I could catch the other summit before to late.
Going down I chose to leave the trail going south on an old carriage road
which took me to a nice clearing giving a very good view of Piliske summit (YO/EC-271), a summit I definitely have to visit in the near future:
From the ridgeline of the clearing another trail marking (blue triangle this time) can be joined taking down to the village right to the spot were we started.
Being a rainy season lately, lots of mushrooms were to be found in the forest, right at the trails also. Unfortunately I'm not an expert so I usually don't pick those (although I wish I new them, cause I bet there were some very fine ones among them). Still I definitely know this one is not edible, looks nice tough:
Fly agaric
After arriving to the car, I headed to my next target, Lisznyó, a village right north of Bikfalva. Above the village rises YO/EC-426, being the in the same mountain range with YO/EC-386, between them only with Lisznyó valley. A little bit north of the village, there is a country road, up to almost the top of the hill, in somewhat good shape, so a compact car can also go up in there.
At the end of road awaits a nice panorama of the Háromszék basin and most of the time also amateurs of different kind of sports but also requiring some hilltops:
Trying to take off
Fortunately the actual summit is about 60m above, so we don't mangle in each other business to much. From the point were I left the car it is nice easy walk to the summit along the ridgeline, right next to the edge of the forest. This edge is on the eastern half of the hill, and unfortunately the actual summit is right inside the forest, however out of the forest is almost level with the summit, well within the activation zone. I also sat well away from the forest to give me a nice clean takeoff angle especially to the west.
It was kinda late, sun started getting really low:
Shack on YO/EC-426
so I quickly tuned up the radio, and it was a mess on 20m: the scandinavian contest has started since and there was almost nowhere I could wedge in. So I moved on to 12m and voila: I had an almost fully fledged pileup, I never experienced the band so wide open, made quite a personal record on 12m QSO-s. When the situation was calming down I also looked around on other bands, to give chance to chasers not in the skip, even managed to get a piece on 20m as well.
At some point however I made a quick QRX to take some photos of the last glimpse of the sun:
Sun is going down behind the Fogaras mountains
Shack in the sunset
After that turned back to the radio to work the remaining chasers and eventually cutting short when the sky started turning like this:
Quickly packed up, and managed to get down to the car before getting to dark
Overall another really pleasant activation, even better a double activation, enjoyed every last moment of it.

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