2013. október 6.

First weekend after ARM extension

Of course I could simply not let the very first weekend of the new ARM version to go by without going to what is probably the easiest and the closest hill: Lempes. The newly designated YO/EC-428 was always tickling me as I was passing by whenever exiting the city, so it was a natural choice to be first in the long list of second generation activations.
The Lempes hill is just north of Brassó, it is the southern ending of the Barót mountain chain, being separated by this by the Olt river giving birth to a special fauna protection site with many rare plants and also a high diversity of animal life. It is also a popular touristic and camping site for locals.
An unmarked but very clear trail follows the entire ridge of the hill, from Szentpéter village to the county road linking Botfalu with Szászhermány. The latter point is closer to the summit, so I also take this road: right after the first big corner coming from Szászhermány is a good camping site to the left of the road, the ridge trail also starts from there.
Although unmarker, the trail is easy to follow in the clean forest lawn with very gentle slope:
In the woods
After about 20-30 minutes of hike we arrive to a nice clearing giving a good view to the Barca basin:
View of Brassó between the Nagykő (YO/EC-008) and Keresztény-havas(YO/EC-011)
From the clearing another 10 minutes is the hike to the proper summit. Of course we always be careful not to crush one of these beauties:
Violet blossom
At the summit we can find the remnants of an ancient fortress, mostly identifiable by the remnants of the moat encircling it. The whole summit area is covered with woods, not really helping the propagation, but exactly at the summit the forest is much rares, giving sufficient space to rise the antenna, on the other hand because of more sunlight getting it the meadow is bu contrast with up to here is rather dense.
Antenna at the summit (not too much clean space)
However propagation still was ok, I also could make myself comfortable sitting on a fallen log so everything was given for a perfect SOTA day. I even had some visitors on the nearby tree:
Curious on radiowaves
All an all I had a really great time, wonderful weather and nice pileup, even had some DX opening on 12m to NA crowning the first activation of the extended SOTA list.

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