2014. október 26.

Between Prahova and Doftana valleys

After last year expedition, it was time for another one around the village of Secăria, this time, the weather not to nice, but, then again it was a good opportunity to visit Mihai's holiday house, with about the same route as last year, this time though also activating YO/EC-480, a new addition to SOTA since last year.
The hiking starts from Secăria, and of course the weather wasn't too kind, so lot of bog on the road
but still a quite nice road and well used do pretty good shape gently going upwards about 4km, with some good panoramas around
Too bad for the wet terrain tough, but some old logs proved to be a good dry enough shack so it turned out quite well after all for staying there. Not too much on the propagation side tough, barely could manage a few contacts (6 more exactly), QRN was quite bad and of course big contest weekend wasn't helping either.
But that's it, enough to claim the summit, and also got some curious quests around:
but he also took a back turn quite fast
Same amount of bog going down, nothing new here, but still in time to hike to the other side of Secăria village, to YO/EC-312 (same as last year) with a bit better propagation but weather getting worse
The clouds were getting more menacing and it was also getting late, so even though we followed the last year's itinerary, we didn't manage for a third summit, but at least consoled with a nice big barbecue in the evening.

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