2015. január 18.

Mid-January in Persány mountains

Well it has been quite a while now since my more serious activities, and also last week we failed to activate a summit, so it was time to get back to there, YO/EC-369 and while at it also a detour to YO/MC-160 on the way back. Ok quite a big detour of at least 12km, but hey, that's SOTA :)
So the first one is called Ciuta and best approached from the village of New Sinka on the western side of the Persány mountains. Not an easy ride, as last week showed, when we had to turn back without even getting close to it, due to snow conditions. This time was much better, with the forest road leading to the ridgeline being somewhat circulated and from there a not too deep snow crunching.
After getting back, as I said a detour to YO/MC-160, already described it last year.
And I guess you are already asking where are the photos, I'm now experimenting something new (with my backup camera, as my Nikon failed in the autofocus system) and I uploaded directly to G+

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