2015. február 22.

A longer version for activating YO/MC-031

Yesterday I joined the EKE on their usual hike to the Törcsvári Magura (Măgura Branului), nice SOTA summit, been there already a couple of times.
What was different this time was the snow conditions and the longer hike all along the ridge (until now I had activated it by either hiking from Törcsvár or from Măgura with going back the same route), so a much longer but no less pleasant hiking.
Too bad for the heavy wind. I couldn't even manage to keep the antenna in a vertical position, but was good enough for a small pileup. And of course best contact of the day a summit to summit with Petronel, YO8SEP/P activating Nagy-Hagymás (I also intend to go there next weekend).
Still experimenting with Picasa, so photos of the hike over to G+

But here is the tracklog for anyone interested, about 15km hike, with a few steep portions but overall a very nice hike with splendid panorama.

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